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Sometimes friends lead us astray. I had two very close friends. My parents invite me to go see a film. Why on earth would you want to see me suffer? This may be your war horse. Take a lap outside. Get yourself a treat. You took a risk. And in fact, your relationship has only grown deeper, because now you know you have different senses of humor when it comes to certain types of stand-up comedy.

Maria Bamford – Over 40 and Dating Lyrics

That takes a lot more than courage; it requires evocative writing, eccentric characters and an abundance of voices. Maria Bamford has, reluctantly, mastered them all. Bamford, stand-up comedian and actress, spoke at a. In Partnership with the National Comedy Center. The first time Bamford hit the stage as a stand-up comedian, she had a violin and a shaved head.

When she moved to Los Angeles, she was relieved to find two other female comedians who played the violin while performing stand-up, giving her an excuse to finally ditch the act and try something else.

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They just hit my inbox with a pair of tracks from Titus’ new comedy special, so check ’em out below NSFW, or your kids. You have been warned. Just being polite and all Religion and the Dodge Viper He also covers talking his way out of speeding tickets, to avoiding arrest by the TSA, and even uncovering the solution to road rage. I will never have a son. That is a certainty, as my wife and I decided to go out on top and close the baby factory after the birth of our second daughter last June.

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There’s social issues That said, for those of you dealing with the circumcision debate, one man has the definitive answer: Trevor Moore. Back Showcase.

Ask Me About My New God!

The pain of living has long been a staple topic in the comedy of Maria Bamford , a chemically unstable child of the repressive Midwest who’s spent her adult life wrestling with suicidal tendencies and a melange of pharmaceutical aids. Her bits about online dating, misogyny in relationships, and male comics were a bit taxing, striking my ears as somewhat tinny and hackneyed.

So to see this veteran comic, whose verbal clip can sometimes feel like it’s daring you to follow along, wax whimsically about a successful relationship got the show off on a pleasant foot. The crowd particularly perked up when Foley revealed her sexuality — queer, thank you very much — probably because the material did, too. As a longtime fan of the headliner, particularly of her recent one-hour Special Special Special and the throat-hoarseningly-funny Ask Me About My New God album, it was a treat to see this sometimes bumbly comedian move through a juggernaut of an hour with unbridled optimism.

It made me sad to hear about that today.

The twist in this tale is they ended up dating again. Whether it’s the incredible Maria Bamford (who will be at the Athenaeum Oct. 16) talking.

With there being a little less than thirty female comedy specials currently on Netflix out of roughly , you can probably make your way through this list quite easily and quickly if female comedy specials is your bag. The outspoken Indian comedian is one of the first women in her country to do standup and Mittal maintains a gloriously pugnacious presence on stage during this comedy special that reflects that.

Regardless, her set dazzles with a mischievous sense of power bolstered by a confident and dramatic comedic physicality. But there are also moments where Anda toes the line a little too far with some jokes sounding more tone-deaf than edgy — but otherwise, Mea Culpa is dazzlingly likeable. Taking to the stage barefoot and very pregnant, W ong provides a ferocious set of material that proudly subverts how an expectant mother should be talking and acting.

Wong returns to the stage two years after Baby Cobra just as barefoot and just as pregnant with another baby. This is a victory lap of female success delivered with oodles of vitality and brash irreverence. Easily the most disappointing high-profile comedy special from Netflix, The Leather Special is as tired as a pair of vintage leather hot pants with jokes that are just as old. Schumer leans heavily on focusing the majority of her set on sex and body parts in a way that lacks inspiration, sophistication, or even funny punchlines.

The former NFL cheerleader has a wealth of fantastic experiences and anecdotes that she draws on with great aplomb and hilarity in Not Fancy. Where the set falls down is when Johnson takes aim on topics beyond her own personal scope, which ultimately fractures the rhythm of the special and stunts the flow of jokes. This is an absolute gem of a comedy special and probably one of the best on Netflix, highlighting Peretti as one of the most unique and underrated comedians of her generation.

Christina P is extremely likeable throughout Mother Inferior and her set is so finely tuned and well crafted that it bounces along with the perfect sense of momentum.

Maria Bamford and Ophira Eisenberg Emphasize Importance of Humor in Vulnerability

Bipolar disorder—mental illness in general—has not fared well in popular culture. The last few years have seen some evolution toward more realistic portrayals and narratives, including the movie Silver Linings Playbook and the Broadway musical Next to Normal , telling human stories of illness rather than just punchlines. Bamford has been diagnosed with Bipolar II and has struggled to balance her illness, her personal life, and her comedy career.

The show is loosely autobiographical—the main character is a comedian named Maria Bamford who is trying to get her life back on track after a series of hospitalizations for her bipolar disorder. The cast of characters includes fictionalized versions of her family and friends, as well as a number of well-known comedians and performers who join the story at various points. The episodes move between time periods—flashbacks to her recovery in an outpatient program back home in Wisconsin intertwine with the present time in LA as she is getting back into working and dating and just generally having a life.

NEW YORK, June 24, – Maria Bamford is in full swing as her new Tracks include “Gas Station Recipes,” “Over 40 and Dating” and.

Liz Shannon Miller. Here in America at the age of 47, the nudging to look younger is something Bamford is more than familiar with. Bamford has instead found a magical alternative: Surrounding herself with other amazing comedians over In fact, two minutes after IndieWire ended a phone interview with executive producer Pam Brady , she called right back, because she had something she needed to add about co-star Ana Gasteyer, who plays the intense and ballsy super-agent Karen Grisham.

I think the world is changing pretty fast in a lot of ways. It would seem weird surrounding myself with nymphettes and…what are the male versions of a nymphette? Uh huh, and then what?

Maria Bamford Mines Mental Illness for Her Sitcom, ‘Lady Dynamite’

In college, my roommate and I communicated solely through random sounds, lines from Best in Show , and Maria Bamford quotes. We also talked in the Target Lady voice a lot. I’m pretty sure we were a delight to be around.

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Maria Bamford has always lived on the cutting edge of comedy, but the world may finally be catching up. Over more than two decades as a stand-up, Ms. Bamford, 45, has become a cult favorite by blending kooky impressions and expertly written jokes with an overdose of human empathy. She has been open about her mental illness — she has dealt with obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder and anxiety, and has spent time in psychiatric wards — but has managed to turn her struggles into fertile ground for humor.

Now Ms. In a phone interview, Ms. And then he asked me to lunch. I wanted to tell the story of my own experience with mental illness, but I wanted to do it with other people. The TV version of a psychiatric ward is more idyllic? Oh, yes. Has there been a cultural shift that allows such topics to now be the basis of a sitcom?

Maria Bamford’s Purple Vans, Vision Boards, and Park Benches All Add Up to Fabulous

Don’t have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Her delivery is fast, fluid, and so engaging that its swirl collects everything in its realm, while steadily maintaining a frenzy. She is so real, it hurts. She talks frankly, often about mental health issues — her own, in particular. The Netflix series will air its second season this fall.

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By Valerie Ing July 19, About a decade ago, I thought I was ready to learn how to date the opposite sex. I was newly single after a pretty miserable marriage between two mismatched people. But we kept plodding along at it, and by the time we finally went our separate ways, we had been together for 18 years. I bring it up because I want you to understand how inexperienced I was at dating. As a teenager, I almost never dated, because every first date turned into a long relationship.

I met a guy when I was 15 that I dated until I was in my first year of college. At 18 I met a man that I was with until I turned At 22, I met the man I married. So there I was, freshly single, and 41 years old, finally ready to date. So I thought it was going to be relatively easy. Everything had changed since then. As it turned out, dating after 40 turned out to be one of the most ridiculously frustrating experiences of my adult life.

Internet dating.

In Maria Bamford’s Stand-up, Facing Nightmares Is Unusually Fun

Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. There’s no shortage of stand-up comedians in the world, but it’s the funny women taking over microphones that are most worth your attention. Beyond the Comedy Cellar , unique and powerful women are taking over comedy from every direction.

Over 40 and Dating Provided to YouTube by Comedy CentralOver 40 and Dating · Maria BamfordAsk Me About My New God!℗ Comedy Central.

Skip to the article , or search this site. This piece was brought to you by our [male] commenter Emby. He will be spared. Imagine you want to hash out the singular genius of Breaking Bad with a fellow fan. You mention the show to a friend or co-worker; they stare blankly back. The next person also shrugs. No one has even heard of Breaking Bad.

Now you are sweating a bit and re-thinking reality. How could so many people not know this cultural gem? In case you are of the uninitiated many: Maria Bamford, 43, is a diminutive Minnesotan comic who has been exploding stand-up comedy into surreal directions.

Episode 40: Feminist Online Dating

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The album Ask Me About My New God! of Maria Bamford is here. Come enjoy at KKBOX! Over 40 and Dating Maria Bamford · Confidence.

I think there is definitely a vulnerability in it. It sometimes feels like it takes so much more energy than is worthwhile to expend. Stand-up can be a particularly raw kind of performance, and traveling around, working the clubs late into the night can be physically exhausting, but Nancherla, 36, is committed to making it work without burning out. It takes a strong sense of self. It is not your job to give everything to everyone. Despite the challenges, Nancherla continues to make comedy out of confronting the difficult, dark parts of her life.

A lot of comedians I looked up to, like Maria Bamford or Marc Maron, talk about mental health already. In that sense, the dial has definitely shifted, and it does feel hopeful to me. I think in the past, more things were swept under the rug. I feel like it captures the sentiment of the world right now. Stay on top of the latest in L. Sign up for our newsletters today.

Best of L. Sign in.

Moontower Review: Maria Bamford

She also seemed to have a better handle on it than ever; she thanked her doctor in the liner notes, which also beseeched people suffering from mental problems to get help, because it works and no one should endure them alone. But mental illness continually resists containment, and Bamford found herself struggling even as her career grew more successful. She had a high-profile stint as a quirky Christmas obsessive for Target. As she described early this year on a fascinating episode of The Mental Illness Happy Hour , Bamford suffered a serious breakdown that required hospitalization, which almost certainly saved her life.

See how angry people can get at me! The material is typical Bamford, such as her ongoing resistance to cooking, her attempts to mentor kids in her neighborhood, her dating life, and, as always, her family.

Over the last several years Maria Bamford has become one of the most Definitive Online Dating Guide: 12 Facts to Get You a Date | DateHookup Murder, She Wrote, has announced that she is returning to the London stage after 40 years.

Sounds pretty hilarious huh? Episode: Podcast: Download I’m Paul Gilmartin. This is the Mental Illness Happy Hour , an hour of honesty I’m not going back! I’m fucking plowing ahead. This show is not meant to be a substitute for professional mental counseling. It’s not a doctor’s office. It’s more like in a waiting room that let’s see, what is That one made me laugh! So yeah, it’s more like that.

Maria Bamford Stand Up – 2011